How to get the most out of Mohsin Hamid

OK, so the title to this post promises much that it cannot (or rather, chooses not to) deliver, much like the novel How to Get Filthy Rich in Rising Asia by Mohsin Hamid. By this I certainly do not mean it is not good–quite the opposite. Written entirely in second person, a rare gem in itself and even rarer if done successfully, it parodies the flurry of self-help books for wannabe nascent entrepreneurs. The ending is so hauntingly beautiful, you lose yourself. Some quotes are in order:

“…all books, each and every book ever written, could be said to be offered to the reader as a form of self-help. Textbooks, those whores, are particularly explicit in acknowledging this…” (20).

“…in the race between death and destitution, you can look forward to the former emerging victorious” (202).

“…there was a moment when anything was possible. And there will be a moment when nothing is possible. But in between we can create” (220).

The last one is so inspiring and debilitating. Therein lies the sincerity of this voice. mohsin-hamid-portr_2516552b The author, compliments of


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